Horses are strange sometimes. Watch this one 'play'

Horses sometimes do strange things. Take Pinto for example. Pinto is an adorable horse who loves playing possum.
According to KSAT, Mark and Kelley (Pinto's owners) got a call from a concerned electrical contractor saying that their horse was dead. Prepared for the worst, they went to the pasture preparing to remove the animal from the pen to bury it. It turns out, Pinto was just playing dead:
You can hear Pinto's owners yelling at him to get up repeatedly throughout the video. But he ignores them:
"This beats all I've ever seen," said Kelley, in disbelief as Pinto isn't phased by the honking and yelling. Eventually, Pinto gets up:
While the video is both funny and cute, there are instances where odd behavior from your horse or pony could mean something more serious. One video viewer noted that the horse might have colic or be ill with another ailment. Though Mark and Kelley have confirmed Pinto is just being silly, it is important to monitor any bizarre behavior. Not necessarily when your horse is leisurely rolling around or sunbathing, but if your horse is lying down after meals while also rolling around, it's time to consult your vet.
One such problem to keep an eye out for is colic. Common symptoms of colic are rolling and thrashing around after meals, repeatedly getting up and lying back down, or lack of a bowel movement. Keep your horse from thrashing on the ground, as there is a larger chance the animal will develop an intestinal twist than it would stand up (though even with standing and walking there is a chance it could happen). DO NOT feed your horse large amounts of food during this time. A little bit of hay or grass to see if it will get their system moving again is alright, but prevent them from constantly eating if you suspect. If your horse's condition doesn't improve within a half hour, call the vet. Your vet may remove blocked waste from your horse and give them electrolytes.
However, your horse lying down isn't always a problem. Sometimes horses occasionally do nap or sleep on the ground, not just standing up. Sometimes they enjoy sunbathing. Or perhaps like Pinto, they like playing possum.
Watch Pinto's antics below:

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